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Reclaiming the Labour Party? Thoughts on the Corbyn Phenomenon




The Rt Hon Jeremy Corbyn MP ©File Photo


Note: This article was written back in August 2015, and was originally published on 11 August 2015 in Slugger O’Toole, a popular politics blog with a strong readership in Northern Ireland. It was written when the Jeremy Corbyn entered the leadership campaign fray for the first time, when there was widespread speculation all over about Jeremy’s lack of ability to win the leadership election, let alone steer the party in a positive direction as Labour leader. Two years and a general election later, this article provides a glimpse into the debates and arguments that surrounded the Corbyn leadership election in 2015, and it is an avenue to compare, and take stock of, the contributions that the Corbyn phenomenon has since made to the Labour Party, to politics of the left across Europe and beyond, and to British politics at large. — Chamindra Weerawardhana, Belfast, 17 September 2017.

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This year marks the 30th anniversary of the brutal murder of Pat Finucane, a brave #lawyer who stood for people unduly subjected to harassment by the #British state. The #Finucane murder was one of the most violent incidents during the conflict in #Ulster. Pat was murdered in his own house, right in front of Mrs Finucane and their young children. The Finucane family has since been fighting tirelessly for justice and the truth, and I have great respect and admiration for Mrs Finucane, for her courage and tremendous resolve over all these challenging years. Lots of truths were spoken at today’s event, where John Finucane and @sinn_fein ‘s #GerryAdams spoke. The route to truth and justice is a long one, especially when dealing with a very highly influential government, one of the most powerful in the world. The sense of commitment was very palpable in the packed audience today. I am also writing this post in solidarity with the many people who have been murdered, incarcerated without trial and subjected to many forms of violence, for standing up for their communities and principles, including in my own island home #lka. This is an endemic problem in many countries across the world. Let the #RuleOfLaw, #accountability, #transparence and #justice prevail, at all times. #solidarity #PatFinucane #justice #truth #feileanphobail #hero #decolonialjustice #standforJustice #lka #belfast #Ireland
Photo: snapshot from Queen Elizabeth’s royal visit to Sri Lanka in October 1981. Sharing this photo together with an article I wrote to mark the 71the year of Sri Lanka gaining #dominionstatus, published in today’s edition of the #ColomboTelegraph. The article focuses on the necessity of #decolonial & #intersectional #feminist political discourses in the Sri Lankan context, especially when it comes to protecting our heritage, challenging colonially-shaped mindsets and in entrenching a well and truly Sri Lankan brand of critical queer politics.This piece also includes references to the very important work by scholar-activists such as @jade.chovino , #JoãoGabriel, & @senel_w. Any form critical #decolonial work is not easy and in the global South, there is a need to create our own knowledges, approaches and épistémologies when we think of decolonial and intersectional feminist imperatives. Link to the article: https://www.colombotelegraph.com/index.php/thoughts-on-decolonising-lanka-from-servility-to-dignity/ *****I am sharing this photo here because it is a prime example of how white colonial privilege works. The Queen here is walking, flanked by the then President of Sri Lanka J R Jayawardene, on the ‘uda maluwa’, or the upper level of the Jaya Sri Maha Bodhi in #Anuradhapura. Patriarchal dictates in the brand of #Buddhism practiced in Sri Lanka are such that women, including #Bhikkunis are not allowed in this area - a restriction that visibly does not seem to apply to the British monarch. This, if anything, is highly suggestive of the disturbing realities of gender politics, injustices and inequalities in the #neocolony. #lka #independenceday #politics #SouthAsia #British #Monarchy #queenelizabeth #jrjayawardene #decolonise #dismantlethepatriarchy photo credits: #Alamy
[Repost, from @alowijesinghe]. A new generation of queer writers and activists is already active and slaying in Sri Lanka🇱🇰🏳️‍🌈. When the President of Sri Lanka comes on stage at a public rally to engage in a blatantly and shamelessly homophobic rant, Sri Lankan queer people won’t remain silent. This is an excellent example of such resistance, by my dear friend @alowijesinghe It was an absolute honour to help out with edits etc. and I’d highly recommend this piece to anyone interested in SOGIESC advocacy and resistance to cis-heteronormative #politics in the global South, outside the ngo-industrial complex, by deeply committed queer people, especially youth. #alokawijesinghe #lka #coupLK #aiyosirisena #srilanka #srilanka🇱🇰 #queerliberation #lesbian #queerwomen #srilankanqueer #writing #colombotelegraph
Word. #NayyirahWaheed #blackgirlmagic #blackfeminism #poetry
It is not only in #Brazil that hell is breaking lose. #Fascism and a drift to a #dynastic #dictatorship is also happening in #SriLanka right now. In such trying times, it is very important to take a clear, bold and no-nonsense stand against fascists, as highlighted in this latest political commentary signée Yours Truly, calling for robust resistance against Sri Lanka’s drift to a #bolsonaro moment. #lka #democracy #constitutionalism #couplk #lkpoliticalcrisis #rights #ruleoflaw #genderjustice
Commentary on the current political crisis in #SriLanka🇱🇰. Neoliberal politics in the global south are bound to end up in disaster if political agendas are not custom-made to correspond to the specifics of local contexts. Things risk getting worse. The political analysis put aside, I am concerned for my #SriLankan #intersectional #feminist #queer fam 🇱🇰🏳️‍🌈& for all #ethnicminorities. Tough times ahead. #lka #politicalcrisis #politics #womeninpolitics #genderjustice #powergrab #colombotelegraph #queerliberation #miexistiresresistir✊🏾

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